Your Roadmap for the Rest of Summer

An intro to the Roadmap

Kevin Wallis, the lead forecaster at Surfline, combined his interests and found a career that makes him feel like he’s on summer vacation all year round.

Introducing: the *summer* Roadmap

  • Giving back to the community + wanting to pet all the dogs in sight + desperately trying to stay cool = Volunteering as a dogwasher at the local animal shelter
  • Being creative + engineering + food = Inventing a new gadget that protects your arms from onslaughts of melting ice cream
  • Trying something new + travel + kitsch = Taking a mini-road trip to a neighboring town and visiting their biggest tourist attraction
  • Learning and challenging yourself + taking risks + that hammock that’s been gathering dust in your garage = Buying a book you normally wouldn’t have chosen & reading it in the sun
  • Socializing + sunsets + market lights = Hosting a movie night on the lawn
  • Being physically active + being on/near the ocean = Trying out stand-up paddleboarding
  • Resting + film + travel = Binge-watching “Roadtrip Nation” (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)

So I’m exploring potential career paths even when I’m…paddleboarding?

Roadtrip Nation leader Shad Eischen paddled his way to his dream career.

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A version of this post can also be found on the Roadtrip Nation Blog.



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