How to Make Genuine Human Connections—Virtually

What our Teachers Community Hub taught us about making better connections across the digital divide.

Teacher Ron Clark connects with other teachers over Zoom.
Teacher Ron Clark connects with other teachers over Zoom.
Roadtrip Nation director Chelsea Walsh films an interview, pre-COVID.
Director Chelsea Walsh takes a break on top of our big green RV. In past years, Chelsea would often hit the road with our crew—but this year was different.

Holding Space — in Practice

When we asked Chelsea what holding space looks like for her — either in physical or virtual spaces — she told us, “It’s a two-way street where [people] listen to what you’re saying, and then they give you a response based on what they’ve heard.”

Elementary school teacher and YouTuber Michelle Emerson

Staying Vulnerable Across Barriers

When you’re at school or work, “staying vulnerable” may not be your first priority! But as Chelsea told us, “It’s important to be vulnerable because that is the key element of expressing your humanity and being seen as a human.”

Teacher and nonprofit founder Carmen Garner
Art teacher Carmen Garner

For more insights on remote learning and teacher retention, visit our Teachers Community Hub — a community of teachers sharing stories and conversations about reconnecting to their purpose and power in education—created in collaboration with Education Week.



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