• Rachael O'Meara, MBA MA ACC

    Rachael O'Meara, MBA MA ACC

    Executive Coach, TEDx Speaker, X-Goog helping my fellow humans at every level of leadership to amplify their impact, plan for success & press pause vs burnout.

  • RaiseMe


    Reinventing scholarships

  • Peggy George

    Peggy George

    Retired elementary principal, university teacher educator, former Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar co-host, tech geek, grandma

  • Brian Sowards

    Brian Sowards

    Proven #edtech executive. Co-created #crowdfunding in #higherEd industry. Formerly #CEO + #Founder of http://USEED.org

  • Leia Smith

    Leia Smith

  • Ariel Noble

    Ariel Noble

  • Will


    Blogger @goingawesomeplaces. Addicted to travel. Travel photographer. Point hoarder. Adventure freak. Love talking itineraries and trip planning.

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