Feeling More Stressed This School Year? You’re Not Alone.

Why you should give your peers, students, teachers — and yourself! — extra grace this year.

Let’s talk about stress.

Pie chart showing that 37% of students say their state of mind during class is more negative than it was before the pandemic.

A look at the numbers

Stress relief for students

Graphic illustrating that 86% of high school principals say their schools offer mental health programs or services.

Stress relief for educators

Give each other grace

Roadtrip Nation is an educational nonprofit that wants to help everyone define their own roads in life.

Our latest project is the Teachers Community Hub, a site full of inspiring video interviews with teachers from across America, plus resources and tools for tackling this new era in teaching: https://roadtripnation.com/community/teachers

For more research on how stress is affecting our teachers and students, you can read the full EdWeek study here: https://www.edweek.org/research-center/student-mental-health-during-the-pandemic-educator-and-teen-perspectives



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